My Healing Sessions

You can find information and prices about my healing session.

Healing sessions may also include External Qi Healing, in which you lie, fully clothed, on a massage table or through Skype in your home. I use my hands in order to find energy blockages in your body and remove them. Specific therapeutic passes are used to increase energy, disperse stagnation, or reduce pain.

Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Typically they include 10-20 minutes of Qigong instruction and 40-50 minutes of external Qi treatment. Although many of my clients report improvement after one session, a series of three or more is usually advised. You can come to see me in my studio, Brooklyn (Bay Ridge), New York, close to Verrazano Bridge.

Please choose one of my services you would like to get treatment. After your payment received I will contact you to schedule our appointment(s). If you have any question please call +1 (702) 683-0674 OR (347) 991-0047.

Please note that the sessions I offer are for personal development, education, life enhancement, and spiritual growth and are not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any physical or mental disease.

One Qigong session

  • 60 minutes session
  • Advice for Natural Remedies
  • Qigong exercise
  • Nutrition
$40The session can be done in Person or distance over Skype / FaceTime, or after picture

Two Qigong sessions

  • 60 minutes session
  • Advice for Natural Remedies
  • Qigong exercise
  • Nutrition
$75The session can be done in Person or distance over Skype / FaceTime.

Three Qigong sessions

  • 60 minutes session
  • Advice for Natural Remedies
  • Qigong exercise
  • Nutrition
$110The session can be done in Person or distance over Skype / FaceTime.

Baby massage

$45I teach you how to massage your baby, while I surround you with calm and positive energy




Qigong Therapy, Energy Healing

Medical Qigong is the oldest therapy of Chinese Medicine. It is a comprehensive system what is addressing the root cause of symptoms or disease, and treats the client as a whole.

Distance Energy Healing

“Energy goes where attention goes” Everything is energy. Everything and everyone has a frequency. I am just tune into my client energy frequency and work to shift the subtle energy fields of individuals.


Based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), foods are just as natural herbs which can be selected and prepared correctly to detox, cleanse and regulate the whole body.

Life Coaching

As a Life coach I work with people on how to manage and build positive habits in their lifestyles through Qigong, Breathing and Mindfulness.  Achievable goal setting techniques along with other crucial areas of change are recommended to help you lead much more well-balanced lives. 

Online classes

I offer online classes in different subjects. Such as Nutrition, Mindfulness, Qigong for healing, and others.


This is a free consultation where we discuss about my future client’s health issues and the possibilities I can do.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has practiced for centuries, and it has accumulated rich experiences.  It is different from western medicine, but it is vital medical practice in modem China.  It not simply concentrates on your kidney problems, but also achieve an internal balance of your entire body.  TCM not only identifies and treats illness and helps prevent illness but also optimizes well-being and overall health.


What is Qigong ?

Qigong is 5,000 years old System of Healing

We have a tendency to live during a field of qi, “vital breath” or “life energy”. Qigong means that “operating with the qi.”

It is the ancient Chinese art and science of becoming responsive to this life energy and learning how to control its flow through a definite choreography of posture, movement, respiratory technique, and meditation.

Qigong teaches physiological self-regulation; the student becomes responsive to bodily functions conventionally thought of involuntary– blood pressure, respiratory rate, even the flow of blood and nutrients to internal organs– and learns to revive a healthier balance.

Qigong is one of the most effective (self-)healing ways in the planet. The only investment required is time, 30 minutes to an hour each day; the dividends of better health, increased vitality, and peaceful alertness accrue daily and are cumulative.

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